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A week has passed since I suffered the humiliation of being trapped in the bathroom after my morning shower, when the door knob came off in my hand and the spindle fell to the floor on the other side. More than a third of young people, says the survey by Aviva insurance, are unconfident about reading a map.

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I tried various means of effecting my escape, but it was no good. Tom Utley writes: 'The two youngest of our four are paid-up members of Generation Hopeless' (file photo)Then again, wasn’t there just a possibility that either he or his brother would work out how to fix it for himself?

The Mindy Project Tinder ads Why sitcom singles don't use <em>online</em>.

The Mindy Project Tinder ads Why sitcom singles don't use online.

My disposable razor was too thick to serve as an alternative spindle, while my toothbrush handle was too thin. and waited' (file photo)Indeed, this was the first time in an age I’d felt grateful to have these twentysomethings on the premises with nothing more pressing to occupy their day than rescuing trapped dads from the bathroom. After all, it could be no less annoying for them than their parents that the handle kept coming off.

Michelle Branch's 'Hopeless Romantic' Interview How Patrick.

Nothing else in the room was remotely suitable for the job. So, steeling myself for their ridicule, I banged on the door, shouted their names and waited . And they’re not thick, while screwing on door knobs is hardly rocket science.

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